Our vision for this unique land, ecology and heritage is it’s long term preservation and protection in trust of its original custodians or a land trust. The future of this land should be one of value for the entire community and generations to come.

For this purpose, we seek to create together with our partners

– a preservation with cultural and environmental education programs,
– including preservation and protection areas for the land’s unique ecology and archeology, 
– public trails with waterfront access, and
– a community food and and medicinal garden

to protect and preserve the land and its heritage for future generations while honoring those that came before us.

a vision that includes
the whole community


Remember that feeling of running barefoot through the woods, the joy of finding curious treasures along the waters edge or spotting a wild animal - all the things that fostered our imaginations before the advent of the pocket computer? We need spaces like 1011 2nd Ave now, more than ever. Preservation of this untouched forest along the Hudson River protects a fragile ecosystem of flora and fauna, mitigates the "heat island effect" for the city, provides a respite from the busy downtown to reconnect with nature, and provides an educational space for all ages in the community.


1011 2nd Ave has a long history that goes back to pre-historic times, and was a truly important place for the indigenous peoples of this area. Preserving this sacred site and the relics it contains - along with providing opportunities to educate and share with the community the history and importance of such a unique treasure should be paramount. We hope to see this eligible site added to the National Historic Register.


Forget informational kiosks! The land at 1011 2nd Ave is the best teacher. History, science, art and environment are all educational opportunities that can be explored here. From school trips to quiet self guided walks exploring the local floral and fauna - this unique space inspires educational exploration and appreciation. We would love to connect with local schools, community groups and organizations to create ongoing programming to foster a sense of pride in our local history and the beautiful environment along the banks of the Hudson River.Our mission with these programs is to leave no trace and limit our impact on the archeo-sensitive areas, natural woodland and river.


Troy's history extends far beyond the Industrial Revolution and Victorian strolls. From architecture to EMPAC tourists come to Troy for a variety of reasons. Why can't 1011 2nd Ave be a new one? Rich in history - it extends the story of Troy, enhances additional tourist opportunities and with that can bring in additional visitors and revenue to the city. This land has stories tell and we would love to work with organizations that can help tell it to the local community and beyond.Our mission with these opportunities is to leave no trace and limit our impact on the archeo-sensitive areas, natural woodland and river.


No one wants to see apartment complex, upon apartment complex piled on top of each other while they are traveling along the river. Forested areas along the river are becoming scarce as development continue to encroach along the waters edge. Uniquely situated at the crossroads of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers - 1011 2nd Ave in it's untouched state has the opportunity to provide a place of respite for the community and those traveling along the water, hiking, fishing and a good old fashioned game of hide and seek. We would love to see this land preserved and opened up to the public with maintained trails and public water access.Our mission with these opportunities is to leave no trace and limit our impact on the archeo-sensitive areas, natural woodland and river.


Tearing down a forest to build high end exclusive apartments does not a community make. We all know these apartment communities are built to discourage those who aren't residents from using any "public amenities" they may promise. We hope to see this land preserved for the long term good of the community to enjoy, to cherish, to make memories on and to build pride in being a steward and protector of this vital community asset. We hope to work with organizations and individuals to help create community events and opportunities. And, we want for those who live around this land to continue to enjoy the peace and quiet it brings, for a place to let their kids run free and explore, to walk with their loved ones. To foster connections to each other and the land.