The City Council must decide if all impacts of the development will be studied. 

The City Council has to make one of two decisions:
A) VOTE TO ISSUE A POSITIVE DECLARATION: This essentially would say: “yes, there is the chance for potential impacts”, which need to be studied. A detailed impact study process begins with strong public participation and input opportunities.

B) VOTE TO ISSUE A NEGATIVE DECLARATION: This essentially says “no, there are no impacts” and approval of the project can begin without any further study and public scoping process.

What you can do:
  • Speak on May 5th at the Tory City Council Meeting
  • Send letters now, and keep sending them every day until May 5th
  • Join our community gathering and prayer walk to City Hall

ACTION 1: SEND A WRITTEN STATEMENT NOW (and maybe tomorrow too!)

We need to hold the City Council accountable! 

Send an email  to the City Council. You can send multiple emails – consider spending 5 minutes to send an email each day to tell them about another reason for why this project is a bad idea and how it will impact you, the city, our communities and the environment. 

Send an email to:


– Council President  Carmella Mantello

and add us in BCC:

[or click here]

Tell the city council: 

  • You name and address (it is okay if you do not live in Troy!)
  • That you expect the Council Members to vote for a POSITIVE DECLARATION in the determination of significance for the project at 1011 2nd Avenue
  • Explain how this project impacts you, your community, the people that live around the land, the environment and the City of Troy.

ACTION 2: SAVE THE DATE: May 5, 2022! Come and speak (or just hold a sign) at the council meeting and vote!

This is the moment where the community, where each one of us, have to come and show up in full force. Save the date: May 5 2022. There is a chance that you can give comment virtually via Zoom as well.

We will post updates and details here and on social media soon!

AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS TOO — Being there on May 5th to speak, and brining as many people as you can, is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you can do right now.

Sign up for updates and let us know you are coming – and ask your friends to do the same.

ACTION 3: Join community gathering and prayer walk to city hall #MMIW

May 5th, the day of the city council vote, is also International Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Prior the the council hearing, the community will gather to share stories, food and song. Indigenous women will lead a prayer walk to City Hall, departing at 5pm, and the community will gather in front of City Hall to enter the meeting together.

any time after 3pm

Gather with the community at Fish Market, 2952 5th Street, Troy NY

to share stories, song and food and raise awareness for


5pm - Honor the Sisters Prayer Walk for Healing

Led by Indigenous Women and Jun San of Grafton Peace Pagoda.

meet at Fish Market Community Engagement Project (2952 6th Street, Troy NY)

Walk from Fish Market to Troy City Hall

ca. 6pm Protect the Land - City Council Meeting and Vote

meeting starts at 7pm

Troy City Hall, 433 River Street, Troy NY