Citizen Action templates

Below are letter templates that you can use to make it easier to voice your opposition of the proposed rezone and development. Please expand the section for each title, the text is there to copy for you into your own document program, or there is a link at the end of each letter for a Word Doc! Thank you 🙂

Email :


Statement of




City of Troy Planning Commission



December 29, 2020


“1011 Second Ave. (101.38-9-10) Planning Commission Recommendation to the City Council for Zone Change. Kevin Vandenburgh is proposing a zone change from R-1 (Single Family Residential Detached, §285-52) to P (Planned Development, §285-57). Pursuant to §285-27 of the City Code a public hearing is required. The applicant is represented by Jamie Easton, P.E. of M.J. Engineering.

Dear Member of the Planning Commission. My name is [NAME], I live at [ADDRESS] and I want to speak today in opposition of the proposed change in zone code. I want to strongly urge the Planning Commission to recommend against the requested zone change. 


The negative impacts of a rezoning, and the associated proposed development project, on the property, its unique history and ecology, the surrounding communities and neighborhoods, and the City of Troy overall are far too great.


[Add one paragraph about your personal perspective on why this rezoning should not move forward]. 


[If possible: add a paragraph about your personal opinion about what negative impacts you see for your neighbors, and possibly the the city overall; for inspiration and some facts, you can refer to…]


It is my opinion that a change in zoning code would be an enormous mistake; and the Planning Commission should recommend against it. The unique ecology, history and archeology of this site; it’s location along the hudson; and its ecosystem services all would be particularly strongly affected by a high density zoning — and would ultimately be lost. Over three hours the public commented in opposition to this zoning change and the development on September 10th, 2020. There was not one comment by a member of the public in support of this zone change and the associated development. The losses associated with a rezoning and this development are far too high It is clear: The public is not willing to pay that price — and neither should the city. 


Considering the potential negative impacts of the proposed rezoning and associated development, I also strongly urge the Planning Commission and the City Council to make a positive SEQRA (State Environmental QUality Review Act) declaration. 


I thank you for your consideration!

[Your Name]


Citizen Template For Public Hearings